Makna Tradisi Aqiqah/ Maruwwae Lawi Masyarakat Bugis Bone: Suatu Kajian Semiotika

Fatimah, Fatimah (2017) Makna Tradisi Aqiqah/ Maruwwae Lawi Masyarakat Bugis Bone: Suatu Kajian Semiotika. In: Prosiding Seminar Antarabangsa Arkeologi, Sejarah, Bahasa dan Budaya di Alam Melayu (ASBAM ke-6). S&T Creative Trading, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, pp. 355-362. ISBN 978-983-2457-83-1

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This research was aimed to explain the sign phenomena in the process of maruwwaelawi, and to explain the meaning of maruwwalawi as a cultural sign existing in aqiqah process of Buginese society in Bone. The data was collected through observation of participation on the field. The data later was analyzed qualitatively by using Charles Sanders Pierce and Roland Barthers’s theory of semiotic analysis. The result of this research reveals that maruwwaelawi aqiqah ritual of Buginese society in Bone is full of semiotic meaning. The placenta is buried in the ground as an icon that the ground of the house where the baby was born is his/her homeland or ancestors where he/she was born when he/she grows up and be successful. According to Pierce, this ritual is an icon of burying placenta in the ground, with not forgentting hir/her homeland, there is also an important moral message that everything has been prepared for the baby’s life in long-term view and not to destroy the nature. Nowadays, this tradition becomes very contextual, where the nature is exploited on a large scale which causes many natural disasters. This ritual is a cultural symbol which needs to be preserved, so that the environmental sustainability can be maintained. Moreover, the population of human born in this world will be in balance with the population of the plants.

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